Changing Your Router’s Default Username and Password

The Proper security of the users using a network depends on how a router is configured. If you have been using your router with the default settings, then your network might get compromised easily. There are some important guidelines which are provided by your ISP and you should properly implement it to get a reliable network from your router. And the first thing that you should do after setting up your router is to change the default username and password which is used to login to the router’s homepage.

Changing Default Password in DSL-2730U

  1. Go to your router’s homepage by entering on you  browser.Router homepage
  2. Now log in with the default username password.
  3. Then go to Maintenance tab.Maintenance Tab
  4. Here you will see “Password” on the left side of the page. Open it.Router password change
  5. All the existing username and password will be shown here. You can edit them or you can create a new user with a root privilege. There is also an option to change the idle time for each user.

Many routers do recommend the users to change the default password when they set it up through the Setup Wizard. You can change the security of the Wi-Fi network to WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK, 201.x EAP as per your need. There is also an option to set multiple keys so that you can connect to your router if any one of them gets deleted or in case your forgot it. You should keep changing the broadband password that your ISP has provided you. You can also use the advance features on your router’s configuration page to block some ports or you can also block some specific MAC and IP addresses on it. To provide proper bandwidth to all the devices you can configure Quality of Service (QoS) on your router and you can also use the same settings on Windows for all the programs.

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