Changing Default Video Player on Windows

For watching movies & videos people use different media player and every operating system have its own which comes directly from the company. Windows have been using its own Windows Media Player from many years but now Windows 10 has come out and with it they have introduced a new app “Movies & TV” which is also available on Windows 10 Mobile. However, it supports very less media formats and is less popular compared to VLC which can play almost every media file. VLC media player can be customized in many ways and has multiple features that can enhance your media experience. You can change the default aspect ratio at which the video starts. So, if you have a 16:10 screen then VLC stretches the video to fit into it.

To Change the default media player on Windows 10 you have two options:

Through Settings App (Windows 10)

  1. Go to Start Menu then click on the gear to open Settings app.
  2. Now in Windows Settings open Apps.Default Apps Settings
  3. From the left section select Default apps.Default Apps Page
  4. Here you will see all the apps that are configured as a default for different categories.
  5. Now tap on the default app under Video player. Then select the application that you want to use whenever a video file is played.Default Apps

Through File Properties

  1. Go to properties of any video file
  2. Here all the details about the file will be displayed. You can see the application which opens it. Click on Change next to it. After that you can select the default application for the particular format that you have selected. However, you need to do this with all the file formats. Some application can attach themselves with a media format.File Properties

The media consumption has been growing day by day and people prefer larger screen to see them. However, the device need to be compact whether it may be a laptop or tablet.

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