Asus x54c Fix Hotkeys Issue in Windows 8 8.1

ASUS x54c notebook hot keys doesn’t work properly on Windows 8 and 8.1. To resolve the issue first uninstall all the hot keys drivers, now go to ASUS support site for ASUS X54c. Now select your operating system, go to utilities and download the following applications and install it:

Asus X54C
    ASUS Wireless Switch (Wireless Console3) Utility 
  • Keyboard Device Filter Utility 
  • ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities   

If you are sill facing problem like brightness up and brightness down buttons not working then you might have to update you BIOS. To update your BIOS you have to download and install the Windows BIOS Flash Utility from the ASUS support site and also download the latest BIOS (See :How To Upgrade Your BIOS). Now just upgrade your BIOS, this would make your hot keys work definitely as far as i have tried it.