Add an Image to Folder Icon in Windows

Windows 10 is pretty much adjustable as per your need. Microsoft do provide various features and tools to increase the productivity. Night light is one of our favorite feature that can help reduce eye strain at night. You can now set the display size in Windows 10 which can help you customize your desktop layout. Folders also be customized too and we have seen this feature in previous Windows Operating Systems.

You can add an image to the icon of a specific folder and this will help you distinguish it from others.

  1. Go to properties of the folder in which you have to add an icon image.Folder Properties Choose File
  2. Then go to Customize tab.Folder Properties
  3. Here you will see “Folder Pictures” under that click on Choose File (Now browse for the picture that you want to add to the icon).Folder Properties Customize
  4. After that click on “OK” button.

Now you will be able to see the picture that you have choose in the folder icon. You can also change then default icon for every folder which can be found at the customize tab in properties. However, if there are only images in a folder then Windows automatically sees it as an album and show you the pictures (Which it contains) in the folder icon. But you can also set a custom picture on that folder.

Windows 10 was a major announcement and there were reports that it will be the last Windows Operating System. However, Microsoft have made it clear that all the existing Windows 7 & 8 users will get the upgrade. And those who have installed Windows 10 will get the monthly updates and a major annual update. After the release of Windows 10 many people had raised questions whether it is stable enough or not. Initially it had few bugs but after some updates it became stable enough for the daily usage.

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