Things You Should Do After the First Boot of Your Android Phone

  1. Setup Your Google Account- You should sign in to your Google in the setup wizard so that you can restore your previous apps and their data, your all contacts and calendar data in the Google account will be synced with your phone. You need to connect to the Internet to sync all your Google account data. If you do not add a Google account at the start, then you cannot restore your previous phone’s apps later.
  2. Update Your device– After you have set your Google account, now it is the time to update your device. See if your phone’s vendor has released any new updates (Go to Settings > About > System Updates). It’s recommended to update your device before installing any new apps on it. The new update can consist of major bug fixes and security patches from Google.
  3. Disable Unwanted Apps- There are many bloatware apps that comes in many phone and you should get rid of them in no time. Go to Settings > Apps and select the app that you want to disable. If you are not able to disable these apps then have to keep it on your phone.
  4. Update Play Store and Play Services- After removing the unwanted apps you can now update the Google Play Store and Play Services. It will take time to update these apps but if you can’t see any progress on this, then you can force the update manually. To manually update Google Play Store, open it and then swipe from left, now go to Settings, here at the bottom you will see your current Play Store version, tap 5 to 8 times on it and you will see a message saying “A new Play Store version is available”. Then it will automatically start the update process but if it is still taking too much time then you can download and install the Google Play Store and Play Services APK file from APKMirror.
  5. Update All Your Pre-Installed Apps-  Now it seems you have updated Play Store and Play Services then you can update all your pre-installed apps that comes with your phone for greater stability and bug fixes. To search for new updates, open Play Store, swipe from left, and then go to My apps & games. You will see all the apps for which the update is available.

At last if you have restored your previous apps then it will take time to get them installed until then you can customize your phone with wallpapers and themes (If it is supported).

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