Now You Can Directly Preview The App Changelog in Google Play Store

In the latest version of Google Play Store, you can directly access the changelog for any app whose update is available. You have to simply open Play Store and navigate to My apps & games > Updates, here you will notice a new drop down arrow across each app and by clicking it you will see all the changes made in the latest version of that app.Google Play Store Apps and Games

Google has also rolled out minor layout improvement in Play Store to some of the users and we expect it to be available for all the users in the upcoming week. This new layout will basically be complimenting Android Oreo with all white top bar in the see more section of an app. In the recent update a subscription section is also available in which you can see and manage all your app subscriptions.

Android P developer preview 2 is soon going to be released and Google has already previewed its new mobile operating system with change in notification panel and setting menu. Now the background apps will not be able to use any hardware like camera and Bluetooth.

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