Now You Can Chat And Share Videos on the YouTube App

The most popular video hosting site YouTube recently integrated a new feature known as “Shared” on its android app. This is basically similar to that of WhatsApp but you can only share videos and text with other peoples. First you have to send an invite to the user with whom you want to share videos. You can also create groups by adding multiple participants to a chat. The user that you want to add should be on your contact list and should have a Gmail account linked to it.

Now You can chat on YouTube App

Earlier people have to share the videos with any other messaging app such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike etc. but now they can easily share the videos to other users without opening any other app. However, currently this feature is not available offline and you have to stay connected to the internet to see the what you and other people have shared.

New Interface?

Recently, YouTube has optimized its android app by placing the navigation to the bottom which we find more convenient while browsing videos. Recently the android YouTube app got updated and we suddenly see a different UI on one phone which was complete white as shown in the image below but this update didn’t affect the other phones may be this will be the new user interface of the YouTube app for Android O. Already many people are excited to see the picture-in-picture mode on the next android release “Android 8.0”. In Developer preview of the Android O we have already seen how well the PIP mode works with the YouTube app. You can watch the videos while doing other work on your phone, you can also resize the window. While other phone users have to wait for this upgrade, Pixel and Nexus users will be the first to get it. We expect the upgrade from the companies like Moto, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. As we know last year Moto was the first to provide Nougat upgrade to its phone moto G4.

New YouTube Interface

The recent spike in the data consumption in countries like India led to increase in the YouTube viewers and contents. India is large market of over 1.2 billion people and it seems the future of YouTube lies in here. Many other companies like Amazon and Netflix has recently launched their video service in India but currently it seems the content on them are not much for the native users but in the next 5 to 10 years they can be the game changer when their content grows. But currently there is no doubt that the YouTube is at the top of the list.

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