LineageOS with Android 7.1 Now Officially Available for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

LineageOS based on Android 7.1 is now official for the Redmi Note 4. The first weekly build is available for download at the Official Download Page of Redmi note 4. So far, the build is said to be stable but the complaints are coming in for the picture quality taken from the main camera. We expect this will improve over time. Download official build here.

LineageOS for Redmi Note 4


The rising war of custom ROMs is growing like never before. Earlier there was only CyanogeMod which got trusted for its reliability and stability, now it’s legacy has been carried by the LineageOS team. There are also many other custom ROMs which has emerged in last few months like AOSP Extended, Resurrection Remix etc. But the main problem with them is they take LineageOS as their base while LineageOS has taken CyanogenMod as its base and customized it. They have said that the next major Android release will be their start, for now they have taken CyanogenMod and rebranded it with many improvements.

As we know Xiaomi has launched Redmi Note 4 (SD625) in India in January 2017 and is currently highest shipped Android phone in India. Redmi Note 4 comes with MIUI which is not liked by many users. One of the major reasons people have stated is the lack of Material Design in MIUI -which is highly inspired by IOS. MIUI 9 which was launched by Xiaomi earlier this month has not received any major change to its look and is focused on the performance of the MIUI.

The MIUI 9 Chinese Developer Preview for the Redmi Note 4 will be available for download on August 11, 2017. To install the MIUI 9 Developer Preview you have to unlock the bootloader of your phone. There are many new features MIUI 9 which will be further improved as the development will go.

If you like customizing your phone, then you can also flash the Official Resurrection Remix ROM for Redmi Note 4. The number of customization on Resurrection Remix will improve your daily experience with your phone. Remember these ROMS are still in the development phase and can hinder your daily experience from your phone.

Currently, MIUI 8.2 is experiencing many issues like status bar icons doesn’t goes dark on certain apps like Instagram, Twitter, Allo etc. Xiaomi has said that the issue will be fixed in the coming Nougat update. Since, it takes much effort to overhaul the entire source code for MIUI hence Xiaomi is expected to release the Nougat update for the Redmi Note 4 in Q4 2017. Nougat was launched last year and is now currently shipped by many manufacturers out of the box on their phones. Motorola was one of the few manufacturers which has given Nougat update to its users.

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