Do You Like The New YouTube User Interface?

The latest user interface of the YouTube android app is a winner. This new UI solidifies the white look that we have seen on the settings menu from the upcoming Android O. However, currently only a handful of users have got this new look on their app. YouTube nowadays have been hitting the right points to make its android app more convenient to users. We can talk of many features that YouTube have added in the recent months like putting the navigation bar at the bottom and including the “Shared” feature which can help you share the videos with your friends. Soon, we are going to see the picture in picture mode in the upcoming android version in which you can watch the videos while doing any other work.

YouTube's new user interface

This new interface has replaced the red bar at the top with the white one but earlier, in this new theme the YouTube icon was not present on that place but now they have decided to add it. The red accents on the navigation bar gives it a much better look. YouTube has been growing at a great pace and their problems are growing too. Most of them include duplicate content, copyright material and extreme graphical content but dealing with this is very difficult as hundreds of gigabytes of videos are uploaded on YouTube every second. They have to depend on the user complaints/feedback for the duplicate content and for the copyright material their algorithm detects the content and informs the user about it.

But this new UI seems to be in beta phase as all the phones haven’t received it, maybe it will be exclusive to the Android O and we don’t know if they are testing it or it will be rolled out in the future.

How to get it?

Well, many people haven’t got this new UI but we have received it in a YouTube app update after performing a factory data reset but this may not work for you. So, you can try to get it by reinstalling the YouTube app. If you cannot uninstall the app, then disable and again enable it. After that, go to Google Play Store and install the YouTube app update.


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