TweetDeck – A brand new layout From Twitter

Twitter’s TweetDeck goes online and is also available for Windows, Mac and as a Chrome app. This new TweetDeck provides customized timelines for the users, these timelines bring your Home, Activity, Messages, Mentions, Notifications and many other customized timelines on the same page. Now you don’t need to reopen different tabs for mentions, messages.

TweetDeck From Twitter

Sign-up for TweetDeck at

Login TweetDeck

On the expandable left bar it has acompose tweet button and a icon for each timeline, Expand button, Lists, Custom timelines and settings icon. The different column types available for TweetDeck are: Home, Search, Notifications, Followers, Mention, Messages, Activity, User, Trending, Lists, Custom Timeline, Scheduled.

Custom columns

You can change the theme of TweetDeck to Black or White, select the columns width, and the Font Size. TweetDeck also works on real-time tweet stream and you have the option to disable this stream from the settings tab. You can also add multiple accounts. You can mute the tweets from a specific user or a selected text, or source.

TweetDecks has many keyboard shortcut buttons that can be used in it. The shortcuts are as in the image. This new layout is what something faster than the current twitter.

Keyboard Shortcuts TweetDeck

Custom Timelines:  In the Custom timelines on your TweetDeck, on the custom timelines may be defined on the 1) Content Based :You can select the tweet types (i.e. tweet containing images, videos, links, any media), matching words, excluding words in the tweets you can includes or exclude the retweets. 2) Users: You can select any users and also the tweets mentioning you or any particular person. 3) Alerts: Popup alerts or Sounds can be selected.

Custom Timelines

This TweetDeck seems almost perfect for the users, the desktop version looks fine, we may just think it may someday give a option for the current twitter layout.

Download TweetDeck for Windows

Download TweetDeck for Mac

Download TweetDeck App for Chrome OS

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