Resize Uploaded Photos on Blogger

Blogger is popular among many users who are just starting to write a blog. But as compared to WordPress you cannot customize it much. WordPress is based on PHP while blogger uses XML to parse their pages. WordPress can be installed in any hosting website but in Blogger you have to stick with Google servers. Blogger is free and you can post as much as you can. In WordPress you have to pay for the hosting site or you can directly host your website/blog at The content management system in WordPress is great and you can install custom plugins to extend it further. There are some customization that you can do in blogger and one of them is resizing the photos.

Generally when you upload a picture on blogger it is converted in many sizes and on the blog post photos you have the option to resize them. You can transform them into icons and into different sizes that is Small/Medium/Large/X-Large or any particular width. You can use them without any conversions or downloading by tweaking the link to get different size images.
Uploading Size for Blogger
The link for any image on your post can be obtained by right clicking on them and select Copy Link Location. Here’s an example of how a photo uploaded in Blogger looks like.

This link can be used to covert/resize the image of any particular width. The above indicated words in blog (here it is s1600) represent the width of the image.(Uploading a image greater than 1600px will automatically scale the image to 1600px)(1600px is the maximum width)

To resize the image, just change the width of the image according to your need.

Original Picture:

And to get a picture of 75px width change the words from s1600 to s75.(You can enter any custom width)

This method can be used to convert Transparent images which is not possible in the paint, because in paint  it will change the transparent background to white. You can use JavaScript on your page to change the thumbnail size.

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