Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts via TweetDeck

Many people do need to manage many twitter handles either they are from work or personal but baving multiple accounts on twitter cannot be handled at the same time on different browsers. You need juggle from one browser to another to switch accounts but the new interface TweekDeck from twitter have made the management of the twitter accounts very simple, this interface has a timeline view and many other feature which can enhance your twitter experience with mutiple handles.

For Adding Multiple Accounts on TweetDeck: Go to Settings on left most bar of the window Select Accounts. Now add your twitter accounts, after you have added your accounts you can set any of them as your default profile for TweetDeck.

This new layout from has made tweet composing easy, you can create a tweet for multiple accounts or tweet from a specific account/profile. You can follow, re-tweet, reply or like a tweet from all of your accounts or from a selected account at once.

Twitter Deck from Twitter Mulitple account

To compose a new tweet you can select the profiles from which it has to be published.

Using multiple twitter accounts

And when you have to re-tweet you have the option to switch account or you can select multiple accounts at the same time.

Go and Login to TweetDeck with your twitter account.

TweetDeck allows you to add multiple accounts and is quite easier to do. There are many other major features of TweetDeck which can be useful for your content creation. You can create multiple columns at home page so that you can watch what is important for you. You can add a particular person’s profile in a column and a particular list to another one. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to manage your accounts. TweetDeck is much helpful for a single account too you can add and see multiple accounts at the homepage. From the last couple of years Twitter have changed much and included many new user interface and performance improvements. Twitter for Android has also seen many new features and you can also add multiple accounts in it. The new app also shows trending articles which are tweeted most and they have also categorized the top tweets in each category such as Politicians, Entertainment,Famous Peoples etc.

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