Know Which Website Has Access to Your Device Hardware

When you allow a website to access any hardware of your device, then the next time when you open that website, they will not need any permission to use that device hardware. However, if you don’t remember which websites has the access, then you can see them in your browser’s settings.

Check Any Website’s Permissions

In Google Chrome Desktop

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Then type chrome://settings/content in the address bar and press enter.

    Chrome Permissions

  3. Here you will all the website that have permission to your device hardware such as camera, microphone and location.

In Google Chrome Mobile

  1. Open Chrome App.
  2. Then go to settings > Site Settings.

    Chrome app permissions

  3. Now all the accessible hardware by a website will be available here.

In Firefox Desktop

  1. Start Firefox.
  2. Now go to its Setting > Privacy and security or you can type about:preferences#privacy in the address bar.
  3. Then scroll down to permissions.

    Firefox Permissions

  4. You can adjust websites here.
  5. You can also set permission for cookies here.

Google Chrome and Firefox both has different approach towards privacy and we have seen Firefox doing it more aggressively. You can enable do not track feature in your browser’s settings to prohibit websites which tracks your activity on their pages. You can also use Incognito Mode to avoid any data storage by websites.

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