Here’s why you need to charge your Power Bank to 100%

Power Banks are now a necessity for the peoples who travel a lot and have no time to charge their phones. Now there is an increase in the sales of power bank thanks to the augmented reality games like Pokémon GO. Users having smartphones with low battery capacity also need to charge it very often. Many people don’t get enough time to recharge their power banks this may lead to reduction in Power Bank’s battery life.

Make sure to charge your Power Bank to 100% at once don’t disconnect it until it is fully charged. This makes you Power Bank to last longer however charging it to 50% and again using it to charge your smartphone doesn’t make sense as your Power Bank will never be able to get to its full potential.
Each Power Bank is generally made up of bunch of batteries so charging it fully will also charge the internal batteries to 100%. If you are having a 10000mAh Power Bank, then its real charging capacity is 6600mAh (How to calculate real capacity of a power bank) so if you charge it to 50 % then you will get around 3500mAh of charging capacity that means a 2500mAh battery can be charged around 1.5 times.
You can let a Power Bank to charge overnight. As a 10000mAh power will take around 10 hours to charge with a 1 Ampere charger and 7 hours with 2 Ampere charger. For efficient charging make sure to charge your phone with 1 Ampere output of the Power Bank so, connecting your phone to 2 Ampere port will waste power as many phones only support 1A input. Make sure to see the charging specification in your phone charger. Each Power Bank has a definite life cycle it means after a certain number of charges its capacity will decrease you can see the product’s website or contact their customer support to know about its Life cycle. If your Power Bank is having a charge cycle of 500 times, then after that its capacity will start decreasing. Avoid dropping your Power Bank from heights as this will damage the batteries and circuits & remember not to expose it to heat for long duration as these can cause battery to lose its capacity. It is better to see the operating temperature of the Power bank which can be found on the user manual or in the box.
Most of the Power Bank comes with over current and over voltage protection so, make sure to check if your power bank comes with these.


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