Filtering emails in Outlook

Sometime you want to filter out specific emails and automatically perform an action on it either you can move it to a specific folder or mark it as a spam. You can delete emails from a specific source automatically. In outlook this can done by creating rule: –

Email filter1
  1. Select the Email you want to filter 
  2. Now on the click on the three dots for more options
  3. Now select create rule 
  4. You can create rules when an email matches: 
  5. Email Filter 2
    1. Sender Contains 
    2. Recipient contains
    3. Older than 
    4. Not the latest 
    5. Subject contains 
    6. Keyword contains 
    7. Category is
    8. Category is not 
    9. Attachment 
  6. Now enter the value 
  7. You can perform following action: 
  8. Email Filter 3
    1. Delete
    2. Move to 
    3. Mark as junk 
    4. Mark as 
    5. Set Flag state 
    6. Forward to 
    7. Categorize as
    8. Remove category
  9. Now select create rule

    All done! this new rule will automatically act whenever an email matches with the value you have entered and perform the action.

    To manage the rules, you have created, click on Setting on top right corner and select manage rules. You can arrange them according to your priority or delete it you can also edit a specific rule by clicking on it

    The rule which we have created is for the future emails to
    filter out older emails from a specific sender then you have to select any
    email form that sender now click on Move to at the top click on the Move all email

    Now select the option for the sender you have selected and choose the
    folder in which it will go now click Move all

    If you have selected move from
    inbox and all future emails, then a rule is created to which can be managed by
    clicking on setting button and manage rules.

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