Facebook Home : Welcome Home from Facebook

Facebook Home is the brand New layout of Facebook for smartphones of Androids and it has also been preloaded in HTC first.Following Features have been added to the new Facebook UI

Facebook Home NewFacebook Home

Cover Feed– You see postsfrom your News Feed and Swipe through to see more, double tap to like a post, and comment right from cover feed.

Chat Heads & Messenger -Send and receive texts and Facebook messagesfrom the same spot. Jump in and out of conversations. Reply right from chat heads, or move them around if you’re not ready to respond.

Notifications – Notifications from apps and friends appearright on your home screen. It’s easier to see when you have a missed call, calendar reminder, or new message. Open a notification with a tap or clear them away to see your cover feed.

APP Launcher- See your favorite apps and post right to Facebook from the same spot.
You choose what’s on your app launcher press and hold an app then drag
it anywhere.

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