Facebook Graph Search Review

If you have requested for the waiting list to Facebook for joining the Graph Search beta program, then you will shortly receive the notification saying “Graph Search is Here” to activate it click on the “Turn On Graph Search”.

Facebook Graph Search notification

And after activating it you will see that the notification icons has gone to right and you will a thick bar saying” Search for People, Places and things”

Facebook Graph Search First Look

Now you can search for anything in the English(US) Language for example you can search “Friends who like Linkin Park”  this will show you a list of your friends who likes Linkin Park and when you search for “People who like Linkin Park” it will show you list people around the world who likes Linkin Park.

I have searched for “People named “amar singh” who live in Delhi, India”

A Search in Graph Search

The New Graph Search is quite is easy to use and provides much better detail in the search results the user can refine the search by Gender, Relationship, Employee, Current City, Hometown, School, Friendship (Mutual Friend), Name and more options.

The user also has the option to change the view to Grid.

Facebook Graph Search Grid view

You can Expand the Search more broadly by clicking on “Expand the Search”. And the final question arises is “What about the Privacy?”. And the answer is that by keeping your privacy in mind Facebook has designed this search engine, it will only show the activities, photos, interests or profile information that you had made public that’s all.

Remember: It is still beta version and more features to come in future its some features are still being built like Friendship-based searches etc.

Activating Facebook Graph Search

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