Best Free Document Scanner for Android

Now, there are portable printers and scanners that are compatible with modern smartphones. You can also use your phone’s camera for scanning documents and there are many applications available in Google Play Store that can help you do it. Let’s see which are our top free applications that you can use to scan documents.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Adobe is known for its wide range of applications which covers from photography, video editing to PDF reader and editor. And most of these apps are available for free in Google Play Store, but you have to just create an Adobe ID (Which is also Free) to use it or you can login using your Google account.Adobe Scan

Adobe scan is a powerful tool that you can use to convert your documents into PDF and images. The documents that you have scanned are located in gallery as an image but you cannot directly download the PDF file as they are uploaded in your creative cloud, but you have the option to share them via email and through which you can download it later.

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Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens comes with some preset scanning configuration for multiple items like whiteboard, documents etc. However, restrictions remain the same and you will get your scanned images in the gallery app, while the PDF file will be uploaded to OneDrive. However, you can download the OneDrive app on your phone to get access to these file. You can save these files in Microsoft Word format using the OCR tool available in the app.

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Office Lens


CamScanner is the most popular document scanner with 50 million plus downloads in Google Play Store. The free version has its own disadvantages, like it creates watermark on the documents. The license for the pro version goes on sale on various occasions.

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Smartphone is a multipurpose device but now with modular phones you can use them to project your media content and documents on any surface. There is no doubt that modular phones are the future and modularity can help current smartphones to become more functional. And most of the people like to do their most of the work through smartphones because of its portability and accessibility.


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