5 SEO Things to remember while writing a post on Blogger

Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms. Each have their own benefits like blogger is easy to use while in WordPress the initial setup requires a lot of coding. However, both the platform enables users to customize their posts to the maximum level. Anyone with some basic HTML knowledge can make their posts interesting and look better. Right now we are going to talk about some basic things that might be useful while writing a blog post.

5 Things to know while writing a post in blogger
  1. Try to use HTML tab as much as possible: If you are using Blogger then use the HTML tab while writing a post. If you are writing your post on the compose tab then it might seem well written to you but when the Google bot crawls your web page it will read a lot of unnecessary html tags in your posts. So, the best option for writing a post in Blogger is to write it on the compose tab and then see the HTML version of it in the HTML tab. Here you can remove unnecessary HTML tags from the posts.
    Suggestion: Use p tag in the paragraphs
  2. Use Meta Descriptions: While writing a post you may see meta description option on the right column use this field to add meta description to each posts. Doing this will help the Google bot to know about the post and it will also help in your page ranking.
    Suggestion: Provide each post a unique meta description with few keywords that you want to target to this post. Remember meta descriptions should be meaningful. Include these meta descriptions in your blog head section.
  3. Blogger meta description
  4. Check Permalinks: After writing title of the blog post you may see a permalink will be generated automatically. You can change the permalinks manually. Don’t use long permalinks and try to place the target keywords in the link.
  5. blogger meta description
  6. Title: Make the title look different from the rest of the post body. Think as a user what keywords will you type in the Google search page which will get your post to show in the first place. Use these keywords in the title.
  7. Post body and Images: Provide proper spacing between the lines (Edit your template to achieve this). Now coming to the Images always use alt in the image tags. In tags alt describe the image. These alt tags will help the Google bot to know what the image is about. Also try to name the uploaded image which describes it perfectly.

Note: backup your Blogger template before editing it.

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