If your device does not have a fingerprint sensor, then you might get irritated by unlocking it again and again. However, Android now have a feature known as Smart Lock in which it can identify you (The Owner) and will automatically unlock the device. Sometimes this feature is not accurate, but we find it useful on many occasions. All the option in the Smart Lock will not be available for your device as many of them require specific sensors that might be not on your phone.Smart Lock in settings menu

You can find Smart Lock in the Settings > Security menu, enable and complete the setup process to unlock your device when it is with you. Smart Lock will ask you for the PIN or pattern when you change any settings. The various options available on it are:Smart Lock feature

Using Smart Lock can cause battery drain as it uses a lot of sensor to know whether to unlock your device or not. Currently, fingerprint sensors are the fastest and most reliable method to unlock your phone. Many Smartphone companies have already provided these features on their device. New security features like 3D facial recognition will make the unlocking experience more fast. If you can’t find Smart Lock settings in security menu, then you try these options to get it: 1. Update the Google App 2. Update Play store and Play services.