Phone manufacturers have always mentioned in their guides to use the accessories provided by them but many of us do not care as we think that all the chargers and cables are same. There are many people who know that charging through an unreliable/unbranded charger can ruin your phone as well as its battery. In a generic or unbranded charger, the output voltage changes very frequently because of the use of low quality Voltage Regulator in it, whenever there is a voltage fluctuation in the nearby device the output voltage of the unbranded charger changes. If you have studied science in the high school, then you should know that the current drawn by any device is directly proportional to the voltage applied across it. We know that our devices/phones are designed to draw only specified amount of current and it will only draw that specified current from the charger. So, the effect of fluctuating current can cause the battery to charge at different speed which can cause serious problems to the battery if it is done again and again. But now most manufacturers have already been using the current and voltage protection circuit on their phones.

Many of you have always complained about the slow charging speed on your phone with the stock charger provided by the company. But have you ever thought Why this is happening? There may be several reasons for it and one of them was using USB cable other than that of manufacturer’s. We all think that any of the micro USB cable will do the work but NO! the cable from the company has been designed for the fast charging. You might have seen un-detachable cables from Motorola in their earlier turbo chargers because they were meant for that.

To Know whether the USB cables can be the reason for slow charging or not we have tested this on Redmi Note 4. As we know the charger provided by Xiaomi on the Redmi Note 4 is 5V/2A, we have first use the manufacturer’s cable and the completely charged the phone from 15% to 100% in 2 Hours and 45 Minutes and when we charged the phone using the other generic cable the same amount of the percent took around 3 Hours and 15 Minutes (We haven’t use the phone when it was charging). Now, it easy for you to conclude that you should always use the manufacturer’s USB cable for charging your phone.